Why Should You Invest For A Prince2 Certification?


Why Should You Invest For A Prince2 Certification?

When you are planning to build a career in Project Management, Prince2 certification is the ideal certification where you should invest your money, time and efforts.

What is Prince2?

Prince2 basically, means Projects in Controlled Environment. It is a structured methodology used in project management. The methodology was exclusively used by UK government projects. Gradually its implementation widespread across the UK and eventually became highly popular amongst the international organizations. For many organizations, Prince2 certification has become an essential qualification for project management jobs.

Nowadays, most of the companies will only hire a Project Manager if the candidate has at least some experience in Prince2 Methodology.

There are a number of reasons why should you have Prince2 Training and Certification. Here is a list of some important reasons why you should invest in the certification:

  1. Improve your Project Management Skills

The first, most obvious and the foremost reason for the Prince2 certification is improving the Project management skills. With Prince2 training, you can learn and deploy the project management skills efficiently.

You will learn the frameworks, terminology, methodologies, and procedures used by most of the project managers. With certification, you will learn the skills needed to successfully plan, monitor, initiate, execute and manage projects.

  1. Start Easy

Prince2 certification offers a unique advantage that you can begin the preparation by starting Prince2 certification.  You can learn Project Management without even committing all your time on training and investing a huge amount of money in it. During the Prince2 foundation certification, you will be able to get a full overview of what you can expect when you move towards Prince2 Practitioner and beyond certifications.

  1. It is all about the Methodology

Unlike PMP, IPMA and other project management services, Prince2 emphasizes the principles of project Management rather than following the rigid set of rules of the instruction books. The Prince2 certification explains all the stages and procedures of the project and also explains the roles associated with management. Prince2 Training will make you understand the principles and processes of the project. You will learn how to manage and you can tailor your Prince2 projects as per the needs and closely observe all the projects that you manage.

  1. Chance to earn more

A certified Project manager can earn more as a project manager. In Europe, the average salary if a Prince2 certified Project manager is around GBP 50,000. In addition, certified professionals are amongst one of the most prized professionals in the region.

  1. You get Global recognition

Prince2 certification is recognized globally. Developed under the supervision of the UK government in the public IT sector, Prince2 today is the standard for Project Management in most of the international organizations of UK, USA, Asia, and Africa. Therefore, the certification also gives you an option to take projects internationally and score a job anywhere around the world.

  1. Skills not limited to a single industry

 As the Price2 Training and certification follow Project Management methodologies, the skill set is not limited to any specific organization type or industry. You can use the gained skill of project management for any industry and organization, and for any project.

  1. Proof of Certification

You can easily demonstrate your proof of Prince2 certification. All the holders of the certification are entered into the Prince2 successful candidate register by the APMG international, the international certification body. Anybody can check this register online from anywhere across the world. Hence, when you apply for the Project Manager Job, you do not have to attach the copy of certificates along with your application.

The key benefit of Prince2 certification is that you can get a role as a project manager in a new organization. The Prince2 Certification promotes project management methodologies that are useful for project managers of any industry.

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