Lead And Manage A Project Like A Boss With Prince2


Lead And Manage A Project Like A Boss With Prince2

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PRINCE2 is one of the best project management methods that you can use to manage and lead your entire project. It is now known to be one of the reputed and famous ways to complete the project not only in a particular country but over worldwide. However, the project management methods are mostly used by the UK government and by other private sectors.

Many features will make the work easier for you and you can do all your business work most comfortably. The features include business justification and a proper structure for product based approach for your entire project management team. Emphasis is given on controllable stages as well as manageable stages along with flexibility.

Moreover, one can get full control over the resources and the project. This makes your project run more risk-free as you can manage the risk as per your control.


When you are building your project, there are many questions that you need to answer. The prince2 methodology is mostly used to answer all of the basic project management questions that are involved when you are building your project. This question seems to be easier to answer manually, but when you try to do it, it requires much work and is very time-consuming. To make this entire work easier, Prince2 will easily help you to answer the basic questions such as

•    What exactly are you trying to make?

•    When will you begin doing it?

•    Things required to execute it

•    Help needed to run it

•    Total time that it will take to build

•    Average cost you will be paying when you make it

These are the questions that must be answered to execute your project successfully. You will be required to add an organised and controlled plan before you start working on the project. This is to organise the entire project in the logical steps. The plan must include all the steps from start to bottom including and not missing any of the middle stages that are required in the project.

Using this methodology, there is more control by all the series of the processes that are given. This will cover every activity that is needed for the project from where the project starts to where it finishes. Each action will be included here. This makes Prince2 methodology one of the best.

How to manage like a boss with Prince 2

There are various steps involved to maintain and lead the project like a boss and working with PRINCE2.  Here are the steps for PRINCE2.

  1. Start the project
  2. Initiate the project
  3. Direct the project
  4. Control stages
  5. Managing the delivery
  6. Managing the stage boundary
  7. Closing the project

These are the 7 steps that are used to manage the project in the most efficient way and take care of everything. Below given are all the steps, in brief, to know what exactly is done in these steps.

1. Start the project

This is the first place that will include a briefer for the project from a business perspective. Activities and the process must be given here. This whole thing will be used to decide if the project is viable or not. All the activities will include a trigger that is the document that states the project’s mandate. By this, you can save some time as well as money

2. Initiate the project

The second step is to start the process where some of the questions will be answered. This will be used to know the risk, aim, scope, and other things that are required for the project to be completed. Quality management and communication are also known after this step.

3. Direct the project

The next step includes where decision making is done. This whole step is just to determine and starts the authorising and start the project. The measure is useful for project board so they can account the project by their decision. As they have access to initiate and deliver the product when it is completed.

4. Control stage

One person can’t do the entire work. Therefore, this stage is used to assign a different task to the team of the project. The project manager does this and monitors the project by taking into consideration of all the issues and the problem it is facing.

5. Managing the delivery

Once all the steps are done the last few things that are lest include managing the delivery. This process is used to control the entire delivery done by the project team to the project manager. This process comprises whether the work is accepted or any changes are needed in work. The project team can modify the project if there are any other modifications required by the project manager.

6. Manage the Stage boundary

This is the stage where the project manager will provide the entire overview and how the project is completed so far. Along with this, the information about the next step is created. By this, the project board can review how effectively the current stage is completed and approved the plan if everything is all right. Also, the review is given by the project board for the next updated plan.

7. Closing the project

After all the work is completed, this stage is used to evaluate and check the project to make sure every requirement is completed, and the work is done as required. Also, if the project is completed in the given deadline. After that, the project is closed.

Final words

This is how one can easily lead and manage the entire project work like a boss in the most effective manner and taking into consideration all the things that are required for the project to complete. Therefore, using price2 to manage your project work will not only make your job more comfortable but will also help you to get the most out of your project.

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