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Become an Instructor

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Distinguished instructors from around the world are sharing their expertise with countless learners within the Aabiance platform

Discover Your Potential

Unleash your teaching prowess on our cutting-edge Learning Management System! As an instructor with us, you have the opportunity to nurture the next generation of learners and professionals. Share your knowledge, expertise, and passion with a global audience hungry for new insights.

Monetize your teaching skills

Unlock the potential to monetize your teaching skills and turn your passion for education into a lucrative opportunity. Our platform offers you the tools and support needed to transform your expertise into a source of income. Share your knowledge, connect with eager learners, and watch as your teaching skills become a pathway to financial growth.

Teach, Transform, and Thrive

As an instructor, you can create courses that align with your expertise and passion. Share your insights, knowledge, and experience with students hungry for guidance. Watch as your teaching transforms lives and, in the process, discover a rewarding source of income.

The Power of Ownership

You have the power to personalize, update, and communicate seamlessly within your courseware. Craft content that reflects your expertise, make real-time updates, and streamline communication with your students. Take charge of assessments, provide valuable feedback, and gain insights through data-driven analytics.
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How to Become an Instructor

Become an Instructor

Becoming an instructor is your chance to share your expertise, knowledge, or passion with the world. Whether you’re an expert in a specific field, a professional with valuable skills, or a dedicated educator, your insights can empower and inspire learners.

As an instructor, you can create engaging courses that cater to various learning styles. Use multimedia elements and interactive assessments to enhance the learning experience.

Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded educators, collaborate on projects, and grow together in your educational journey.

Teaching is not just about facts; it’s about nurturing growth and helping learners succeed. By becoming an instructor, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future.

Monetize your knowledge and passion. Whether you seek additional income or dream of launching a full-fledged educational venture, our platform provides the tools and resources to achieve your goals.

Join us on this fulfilling journey of sharing, inspiring, and contributing to the world of online education. Together, we can make a difference and empower learners to achieve their aspirations. Start your educational adventure as an instructor today.

Instructor Rules

Instructors in a Learning Management System (LMS) play a pivotal role in shaping the online learning experience. First and foremost, they must design courses with clear objectives, engaging materials, and a logical flow to facilitate effective learning. Timely communication with students is vital, including quick responses to queries, prompt feedback on assignments, and keeping students informed about any changes or updates to the course.

Instructors must uphold data privacy standards, ensuring the protection of students’ personal information and academic records. Furthermore, they must respect copyright and intellectual property rights when using external materials in their courses.

Aabiance has specific policies that instructors need to adhere to, it’s crucial to follow these guidelines rigorously. These policies may cover areas such as data privacy, copyright, academic integrity, and conduct standards. Instructors should ensure that they thoroughly understand and comply with Aabiance LMS’s policies to create a safe, ethical, and compliant online learning environment for their students.

Start with Courses

Unlock the doors to your teaching journey on our LMS platform. Leverage your wealth of experience and expertise in your domain to create an engaging and transformative e-learning course. Your wisdom is a valuable asset, and our platform provides you with the tools to share it effectively. Craft comprehensive e-learning materials, enriched with mock exams and downloadable resources, ensuring a seamless and impactful knowledge transfer. Your course is not just a lesson; it’s an opportunity to empower learners and enrich lives. Begin your course creation today and shape the future of online education.”

As you embark on this teaching adventure, remember that you’re not just creating content; you’re building bridges to success for your students. Your course will be a beacon of knowledge, guiding them towards their goals. It’s a privilege to be a part of this educational revolution, and your contributions will ripple through the lives of countless individuals.

We're here to help

Our dedicated Instructor Support Team is at your service, ensuring your course creation needs are met. The Teaching Center serves as your comprehensive resource center, guiding you through the process with expertise. Our ever-reliable community group is here round the clock, standing by to provide assistance and support whenever you need it.