Career Shift After Getting Certified In ITIL

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Career Shift After Getting Certified In ITIL

Any employee who is ITIL certified or acquired ITIL training is always considered as one of the vital assets to a certain company. ITIL provides you with framework that is globally recognized and describe the checklists that are never explicit to any single organization. In fact, it reveals compliance that could well further help in delivery of IT-related services. Acquiring the ITIL Foundation certification helps you gain knowledge of the ITIL terminology, along with the core principles of ITIL practices for Service Management.

A trained individual with an ITIL foundation certification gains right skills to process information technology in a given organization. Furthermore, an individual is also able to introduce new ideas targeting to lower the company’s costs and make best usage of business’ resources. Moreover, if you are one of those professionals involved in IT Services Management, Project Management, Service Operation, Service Transition, and Service Strategy and Design, then you better not ignore the  career benefit that you can attain most from this ITIL training or certification.

The key highlight about ITIL certification is that it is one such precious expertise that every IT professional must attain. Today, ITIL is listed as one of highest paying IT certifications. If you are still in dilemma whether to consider for an ITIL certification, then here is just a selection of potential career paths for you:

Senior Project Manager

ITIL training can help you gain experience that could further boost up the career ladder as Senior Project Manager. You acquire all the skills which in turn could further play a fundamental role in drafting business-wide strategies and maintain daily operations efficiently. You would be required to communicate frequently with key stakeholders and ensure that the projects are in line with set business goals.

Service Delivery Manager

ITIL foundation certification also gives you with a career option to shift to service delivery manager and thus design strategies that generally defined as Service-Level Agreements (SLAs). In SLAs, you will divide company objectives into day-to-day operations. As the individual, you would acts as the connection between projects, and business resources, and moreover would be responsible for monitoring and creating reports on service productivity.

Information Technology Manager

Talking about other career opportunities that you can look into is an information technology manager. The responsibility would revolve around supervising the company’s IT infrastructure, which more often includes storage of data, software platforms or even network technology, along with IT security. Besides this, you get the chance to design procedures for IT management. Finally, you will also be required to design strategies or carry research for new upgrades or technologies that can well be executed.

Considering an ITIL certification will assist your journey gain a much-needed career ladder and boost your potential earnings. An ITIL Foundation Certification is undoubtedly a meaningful investment.

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