The Value Of AWS Certification and how it is worthy for learners ?

The Value of AWS certification Aabiance

The Value Of AWS Certification and how it is worthy for learners ?

The value of AWS Certification

In the current scenario, the IT Sector is booming. Over a few decades, Cloud has covered almost every aspect of the IT infrastructure. Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the beating heart in the terms of the cloud services market. AWS is the only leader in the world of cloud computing. When we think about cloud computing, then definitely it is the prior provider that comes to mind for every individual. Besides Google, Microsoft Azure and IBM, it generates greater revenue than these three providers.

AWS is a cloud-computing platform that provides cost-effective, open and flexible, scalable and easy-to-use cloud computing solutions to all the businesses worldwide. The AWS was launched in 2004 and now is widely used in 190+ countries by over 10,000 customers. The professionals also preferred this platform over other cloud computing platforms. This highly advanced and extensible application provide  business features like flexible schema management, storage services, analytics services, built-in-data encryption, application services, content delivery management, mobile networking and many more.

As businesses are growing tremendously from traditional services to the cloud, this affects the market opportunity of skilled AWS certified employees. This has now created a huge market opportunity for all the skilled AWS certified employees and learners.

What is AWS?

The AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers a variety of features and services to the public. It came into effect from 2004 to the public. Amazon offers Web services which are also known as cloud computing. There are many features that AWS provides like:

  • Amazon simple storage services
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon DynamoDB and many more.

Why is the AWS Certification so valuable?

The certification showcases that you are an AWS certified professional and you have the most in-demand skills of the industry that every company wants in their employees. Within the whole enterprise, the certification shows that you are a well-known entity and not only that, your skills have been validated by the professional entity in cloud computing.

The certification shows an understanding of the platform that is shared by everyone. It also provides a certain level of expertise that will help you to boost your skills and resume in speeding things up and saving time for cloud-based projects.

So, if you are one of those who are too serious about your career in cloud computing and IT, then getting AWS certification is always advisable. Once you have an AWS certification, you always gain the privilege among other competitors. And, it is just not a matter of getting a job, but you get a job that pays high. You better take it as an investment that can make your future. 

Is AWS certification worth it?

AWS is the topmost provider of public cloud computing. Nowadays, many enterprises and industries have adopted multi-cloud strategies.

That doesn’t mean that AWS certification is less worthless. In fact, it is just the opposite. With a huge majority of SMBs and the enterprises running their applications, AWS is the ruling cloud player with a share of 33 percent in the market and a 49 percent increase in growth rate. AWS has an immense yearly growth, and it clearly indicates that it will lead the cloud computing market in the future. 

The introduction of a range of new services and continuous expansion to new and different locations indicates that here to stay. So, therefore, AWS certification is definitely worth it!

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