Why Get PMP Certified In 2024? And its importance


Why Get PMP Certified In 2024? And its importance

Why get PMP Certified in 2021?

Survey shows that project managers with PMP credential can easily earn 20% to 25% more than non-credentialed professionals. There are many who still wonder, whether it is possible to earn more just by having one extra certification. Your doubts are true, and you may be very well wondering if PMP certification is worth it in 2024. There are several good reasons for getting PMP certifications like beneficial in job listings, professional satisfaction, suitability for managing bigger projects, and lot more. Well if we start talking about the PMP certification benefits then it may not end, but in recent years there have been rise in the demand of PMP certified professionals. Especially, in 2024, the requirement is expected to grow more, as the new version of the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam has been launched on 2 January 2021.

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Scope of Exam

As PMP certification facilitates you with global recognition, the fresh and new PMP exam pattern that is effective from January 2, 2021, is now based upon three domains and concentrates on Process, People, and Business Environment in comparison to old pattern covering domains i.e. Initiating, Planning, Execution, Supervision & Controlling, and Closing.

Exam Questions from Agile and Hybrid Methodologies

Managing any project has got its own set of challenges, and so the new PMP exam pattern is focusing approx 50% of questions from Agile and Hybrid methodologies. In 2021 the new PMP exam is emphasizing Agile and Hybrid methodologies, and thus it is pointless to say that the latest certification has got a high perceived value.

In the past few years, lot more projects have been announced but as different verticals are involved in managing a project, and so now many organizations expect well trained PMP certified professionals.  After Corona, as the economy is getting back on track, and company is started to hire new professionals, if you get PMP certified in 2024 then it can benefit in the following areas:

Importance of Certification:

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is important for several reasons:

  1. Global Recognition: PMP is a globally recognized and respected certification in the field of project management. It signifies a standardized level of expertise and adherence to best practices, making it valuable across industries and geographical locations.
  2. Demonstrated Expertise: Achieving PMP certification demonstrates a high level of competence in project management. It validates your knowledge of key project management principles, processes, and terminology, showcasing your ability to manage projects effectively.
  3. Career Advancement: PMP certification is often a requirement or a strong preference for leadership roles in project management. It opens up opportunities for career advancement, allowing professionals to take on more challenging and strategic roles within their organizations.
  4. Increased Job Opportunities: Many employers prioritize candidates with PMP certification when hiring for project management positions. Having this certification on your resume can give you a competitive edge in the job market and increase your chances of landing desirable roles.
  5. Enhanced Project Management Skills: The PMP certification process involves rigorous training and examination, leading to a deep understanding of project management concepts, tools, and techniques. This knowledge enhances your overall project management skills and equips you to handle complex projects with confidence.
  6. Networking Opportunities: PMP certification connects you with a global community of certified professionals through the Project Management Institute (PMI). This network provides opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and professional development.
  7. Client and Stakeholder Confidence: Clients and stakeholders often have greater confidence in projects led by PMP-certified professionals. The certification assures them that the project manager follows industry best practices, leading to more successful project outcomes.
  8. Adaptability to Industry Changes: PMP certification requires ongoing professional development, ensuring that certified professionals stay updated on industry trends, changes in project management methodologies, and emerging best practices.
  9. Improved Risk Management: PMP certification emphasizes risk management principles. Certified professionals are equipped to identify and mitigate risks effectively, leading to more successful project outcomes and increased stakeholder satisfaction.
  10. Organizational Value: PMP-certified professionals bring value to their organizations by improving project success rates, reducing risks, and enhancing overall project management maturity. This can contribute to the organization’s success and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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