Major Upgrades To Learner In Architecting On AWS Course

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Major Upgrades To Learner In Architecting On AWS Course

Major upgrades to learner experience in Advanced Architecting on AWS course

In the latest iteration of the “Advanced Architecting on AWS” course, learners can anticipate a significantly enhanced experience. The course now incorporates cutting-edge interactive simulations, providing hands-on practice in architecting solutions using AWS services. Rich multimedia content, including video lectures and dynamic graphics, ensures a visually engaging and informative learning journey. The updated curriculum integrates real-world case studies, offering practical insights into architecting scalable and secure AWS solutions. Learners will benefit from a user-friendly interface and improved navigation, enhancing their ability to explore complex architectural concepts seamlessly. These upgrades collectively elevate the learner experience, providing a more immersive and effective educational environment.

Advanced Architecting on AWS is for those who have worked with the AWS platform before and know how to build modular and elastic software. This course builds on the principles presented in Architecting on AWS by showing how to create complex solutions on AWS.

The complex solutions include data services, governance, and security. This course incorporates advanced AWS services such as AWS Direct Connect and AWS Storage Gateway to support hybrid architecture. It also includes best practices for developing flexible, elastic, stable, and highly accessible AWS applications.

Do you ever ask if your recommendations and remarks in course reviews make a difference?

They certainly do! Amazon made a big upgrade to the Advanced Architecting on AWS course.  After reading feedback and recommendations, AWS added some ideas to enhance the course and satisfy the needs.

Following are the Major upgrades to learner experience in Advanced Architecting on AWS course-

  1. Architectural Challenge

Every module begins with a scenario that poses an architectural obstacle that must overcome. AWS present AWS resources and functionality as solutions to the issue using the scenario. You’ll gain insights into the design issues by engaging in problem-based forums. And learning about the AWS programs you can use to address them. The course now has a stronger architectural emphasis as a result of these changes.

  1. Content

To keep the content updated, AWS reduced the number of modules and introduced newly launched AWS services. Our distribution system has also been tweaked to make it more suitable for virtual delivery. Each module lasts about an hour and a half or maybe less per lecture.

  1. Eliminate the redundancy

To remove duplication, AWS used materials from the Architecting on AWS course. E.g., Architecting on AWS covers VPC networking however, Advanced Architecting on AWS builds on the basis by adding hybrid routing possibilities to extend beyond a VPC. This potentially helps in removing redundancy.

  1. New Labs for practice

AWS added a new lab and created laboratories where you can put what you’ve learned into effect. AWS also added a final project. You are in charge of the final project. You will go over the scenarios and put your skills to the test by choosing the best solution to the situation.


Amazon has released the revised Advanced Architecting on AWS course. This instructor-led training course is for cloud architects who would like to expand their understanding of AWS resources beyond the basics.

An expert AWS mentor will teach advanced architecting concepts. It includes hybrid communication and hybrid AWS devices. Networking emphasises AWS Transit Gateway connectivity, AWS Container facilities, CI/CD automation software and security options.

AWS and AWS Training Partners around the world offer this three-day course in English. This course can be delivered remotely or in person, depending on the venue. With realistic cloud capabilities that help you innovate and progress your career future, AWS Training and Certification improves your competence, trust, and reputation. Find a lesson on Advanced Architecting on AWS right now.

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