How To Pass AWS Associate-Level Certification?


How To Pass AWS Associate-Level Certification?

How to pass AWS associate-level certification?

Are you inspired to become an AWS associate level certified professional and looking for guidance on how to prepare for this certification for best results? If yes, you are at the right place. Although there is no substitute for experience and knowledge, AWS certifications offer several tangible and intangible benefits.

A certification is useless if one doesn’t know how to work in the AWS console, but if one knows about working in AWS and is struggling to finda job, AWS certification can be of benefit.

Certification will give you recognition and you can put certification in your CV and LinkedIn profile. This will improve your chances of getting recognized by companies and recruiters and you will get preference over a non-certified professional if the skillsets match.The most important feature of an AWS certification is the knowledge that it provides you. Here is how you can crack this prestigious certification exam on the first attempt.

  • Join a Course

The best way to start your AWS certification is to join a quality AWS course. There are several useful resources available to choose from. Choose a resourceful course that would cover all the topics of the certification. You can check for reviews about the course to get an estimate about the quality of the course. Also, make sure to check the course content to ensure that it includes everything that you would require for passing the certification.

  • Read a Study Guide or Book

A book can be a great option to prepare for a certification exam but the problem with AWS courses is that Amazon keeps on changing and updating the AWS console as well as the certification frequently. This means that any book related to AWS certification will quickly become outdated with respect to the console and its services and function.

However, if you prefer studying from books, you need to choose books and study guides that are still relevant to the certification content. Find the latest book or study guide related to AWS associate-level certification and go through it before you appear for the certification.

  • Solve Practice Tests

The most important thing that would make the biggest difference between just passing and scoring well in AWS certification is exam simulator or practice tests. Practice tests provide several benefits when preparing for AWS certification.

Practice tests train you to solve problems in a limited time. Due to time pressure, most people get 5 to 10 questions wrong. Solving a few practice tests will train you how to manage your time and solve maximum questions with accuracy. Solving mock tests will also help you solidify your learning about the certification. You can analyze and recall important concepts while answering the questions in the test. This will help you remember the concepts for a longer time and understand them better.

Moreover,solving mock tests will help you analyze your preparation level. If while solving your practice test, you get only a 50% score, you can analyzewhat concepts you need to revise to improve your scoring and appear for another mock test.

  • Work on Hands-on Labs

Practicing in the AWS console is as important as learning the course content if you want to work in the AWS console. Students can opt to join a course that also allows them to practice and open a free tier account in AWS. Online labs can provide a hands-on learning experience in an AWS environment. Unlike demo or simulation, practicing in labs will help you master AWS services as you will be working in an actual AWS console.

As one can remember better while doing things, these AWS practice lab sessions will help you memorize the service you will be learning about.

This is all about “how to pass AWS associate-level certification exam“. AWS certification will not only give you recognition but will help you prepare for future interviews and professional work. Follow the above-mentioned tips to prepare for your AWS certification exam and crack it in the first attempt.

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