PRINCE2® Foundation And Practitioner 7th Edition Certification Training Course

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About This Course

Welcome to our PRINCE2 Certification program—a versatile and globally recognized qualification suitable for professionals across various industries, including those seeking PRINCE2 certification. Whether you’re new to project management or a seasoned pro, PRINCE2 empowers you to manage projects of different types, sizes, and complexities effectively.

Acquire the essential project management skills to effectively handle a diverse range of projects, varying in types, sizes, scales, and complexity across different industries and geographical locations. Our comprehensive PRINCE2 course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and expertise required to tailor projects according to their unique environments, efficiently manage product delivery, control resource utilization, and mitigate project risks.


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Why Master PRINCE2 7th Edition?

  • Industry Standard: Globally recognized by employers, PRINCE2 sets you apart as a highly qualified and sought-after project manager, making PRINCE2 practitioner certification a valuable asset to your career.
  • Boost Your Career: Gain access to premium project management opportunities across diverse industries and disciplines, enhanced by PRINCE2 certification.
  • Demonstrate Proficiency: Stand out from the competition with this valuable credential, showcasing your mastery of project management best practices, especially through PRINCE2 certification.

Master Both Foundation & Practitioner Levels with Ease:

Our comprehensive online Practice Exams for both PRINCE2 7th Edition Foundation and Practitioner are meticulously designed to propel your preparation to new heights.

  • Simulate the Real Exams: Experience authentic testing environments with realistic questions and formats, aligned with the official PRINCE2 7th Edition exams, ensuring thorough PRINCE2 training.
  • Build Confidence: Tackle the actual exams with enhanced composure and test-taking skills, supported by our focused approach to PRINCE2 certification.
  • Identify Knowledge Gaps: Pinpoint areas requiring further study and focus your revision efforts strategically, aiding in your PRINCE2 foundation certification and PRINCE2 practitioner certification journey.

Course Key Benefits

PRINCE2  Topics Covered:

  • Foundation:
    • Principles, Themes, Processes
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Project Management Techniques
    • Planning and Control
  • Practitioner:
    • Applying PRINCE2 in real-world projects
    • Tailoring and Optimizing PRINCE2
    • Risk Management and Quality Management
    • Stakeholder Management and Planning Techniques

PRINCE2  Exam Format:

  • Foundation:
    • Format: Multiple-choice questions (MCQs)
    • Number of Questions: 60 – 36 marks required (out of 60 available) to pass
    • Exam Duration: 60 minutes
    • Passing Score: 60%
  • Practitioner:
    • Format: Multiple-choice questions (MCQs), scenario-based questions, and an essay-style question
    • Number of Questions: 70 – 42 marks or more required to pass (out of 70 available)
    • Exam Duration: 150 minutes
    • Passing Score: 60%
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Ready to unlock the doors to premium project opportunities? Enroll in our PRINCE2 Practice Exams now and pave the way for your project management success. Conquer the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams with our proven Practice Exams and watch your career take level, reinforced by your PRINCE2 practitioner certification.


Learning Objectives

Applying PRINCE2 in real-world projects
Tailoring and Optimizing PRINCE2
Risk Management and Quality Management
Stakeholder Management and Planning Techniques

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